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Janette Harcus
Teaching Assistants
Deb Willis
Anne-Marie Hynes
Kerry LeCore Simpson
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Nikki Barrow
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Teaching Assistants
Nikki Barrow
Helen Abnett
Wendy Llewellyn
Kerry LeCore Simpson

We have two designated classrooms for children with speech and language disorders, currently all of our children require Education Health Care Plan [EHCP] or Statements to access this provision. We have a team of specialist teachers, Speech and Language Therapists and trained TA's who work in collaboration with mainstream teachers. We have places for approximately 20 children whose primary need as identified on their statement/EHCP is an Speech and Language issue.


Common difficulties are:

- difficulties processing and understanding spoken language.

- difficulties remembering and recalling vocabulary.

- difficulties organising their own spoken sentences.

- difficulties with speech sounds.

- difficulties with social communication.

All of the children are members of a mainstream class. Timetables are organised depending on individual need. The children will be involved with individual, small group and whole class activities. One of our main aims is to offer our children a fully inclusive learning environment. As a provision we follow the National Curriculum but at a level and rate appropriate for each individual.

As children are often transported long distances to access our provision we try to ensure parents feel fully involved with day to day activities and progress. There are many ways that we keep lines of communication… home link books, termly IEPs (Individual Education Plan), annual reviews and frequent informal telephone calls.


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