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Message from Headteacher

Carolyn Chivers


Welcome to the Hythe Bay Church of England School and Children's Centre. At this school we strive to switch children onto learning through outstanding education and care. We are a fully extended school and Children’s Centre and we believe that people of any age who are switched onto learning become confident, creative and connected.


Hythe Bay is a Church of England school, our distinctively Christian character is seen through our ethos, atmosphere and how people are valued. Every aspect of our school life is built around the particular Christian values of love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness.


Thank you if you are considering this school for your child’s care and education. One of the most difficult decisions a parent or carer has to make is to leave their most precious possession in the care of other people. We know that you are the best teacher your child will ever have but we want to work in partnership with you to help develop your child beyond their full potential.


We aim to provide your child with an education that is creative, broadly based and tailored to meet individual needs. We seek to provide an open and honest atmosphere in which everyone may develop and grow in self-confidence and respect for the people and environment around them.


We are committed to working at the heart of the community in partnership with parents. In a community that places such emphasis on personal relationships, we offer you the challenge of helping to develop a caring environment that will never be complete or final. All our children and adults are learners and it is the sharing of knowledge, skills and attitudes that make this school a special place.


Please explore this site and find out more about the very exciting opportunities we can offer but I would also encourage you to visit the school and see us in action.

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