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Carolyn Chivers Head Teacher

Welcome to

Hythe Bay

Hythe Bay is a Church of England school, our distinctively Christian character is seen through our ethos, atmosphere and how people are valued. Every aspect of our school life is built around the particular Christian values of love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. 
At this school we strive to switch children onto learning through outstanding education and care. We are a fully extended school and Children’s Centre and we believe that people of any age who are switched onto learning become confident, creative and connected.
Anchored by God, we strive to teach children to be confident, connected, and creative through outstanding teaching and care. We show our love, tolerance, forgiveness, and compassion, not just by talking about them but living them each day of our lives.
"We should love people not only with words and talk but by actions and true caring."
1 John 3: 18
Our vision is to be a Spirit- filled community where every individual flourishes and is respected.
Our Christian values allow us to be an inclusive school which, through our learning, strives to give everyone life in all its fullness.
Within our local and global culture of continuous learning and reflection, we aim to deliver a broad and ambitious curriculum to all children in our care.
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Hythe Bay Prospectus
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If you would like any further information, read our Parent/Carer's Guide to SEN 

or please feel free to contact

Claire Moffatt, SENCo

on 01303 267802

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