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School Meals

Children at Hythe Bay really enjoy their school lunches. Our meals are provided by Whole School Foods, a nonprofit making community interest company. They are very nutritious and meet children’s needs for the nutritional requirements, the different food groups they need to grow and stay healthy.  The menus are quite traditional but very child friendly and we ensure they are healthy and balanced.  We constantly encourage the children to push their taste boundaries and to try new things.

Whole School Foods will work with parents and the school to provide for children with special dietary needs, such as wheat-free or dairy-free. If a child needs a special diet we encourage parents or carers to contact us so we can work out an adapted menu for the individual child. Children with allergies and food intolerances can also be accommodated, within the main menu, in most cases.


We also work with parents and carers to provide meals that meet religious or cultural requirements where appropriate.  Each day there is a vegetarian option and these too are mostly made with fresh ingredients, on-site. Whole School meals never use nuts in any of their recipes.


Our cooks use fresh, local ingredients, and all meat products come in fresh, not frozen, so that our meals can be cooked from scratch.  They offer fresh salads and homemade bread every day.  Their tomato-based sauce, used in many recipes, includes ‘hidden’ vegetables tucked away to make the sauce both tasty and healthy. There is always a roast dinner every week (Wednesday) and we aim for a meat-free day once a week. Fresh fruit is always available as an alternative to the dessert and often, yoghurt features as a choice too.


The cost of the meal is currently £2.45 per day or £12.25 per week, paid in advance, unless your child is eligible for a free school meal.  


Your child may be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and the application process is very simple should you meet the criteria.  We do encourage all parents and carers to apply for FSM even if your child in eligible for Universal Free School Meals – the free meals currently offered to children from reception to the end of Year Two - as the application may increase whole school funding and if your child is eligible for a FSM other financial support can be provided.  Please enquire at the school office for further information or follow the link to apply on-line:

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