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Our School

School Rules

At Hythe Bay School we always try to:


  • be polite and kind

  • keep our hands and feet to ourselves

  • take care of our school and town

  • look after our own and other people's things

  • listen when others are speaking


and then we will be ready to learn!

Hythe Bay Church of England Primary School, located in the seaside town of Hythe, is a fully extended school with a Children’s Centre. We have the most amazing local environment in which to develop our children’s learning: the beach, less than 300 metres from the school gate, the Royal Military Canal, a small town with good local amenities, a great country park and a community that supports the school in any way it can. 


Our school is a Church of England voluntary controlled school, which means the school is owned by the church, the church appoints some of our governors, but there is no Church majority on the Governing Body. All our teachers are employed by the local authority who also fund repairs and capital projects within school. Religious Education follows the local agreed syllabus and worship in the school is Anglican. 

Our distinctively Christian character is seen through our ethos, atmosphere and how people are valued. We want everyone associated with the school to know God’s love and to understand that children have a special place in that love. The whole school worships regularly at St. Leonard’s Church, Hythe and members of the church lead our worship weekly.

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