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Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy is an intervention used to support social and communication skills. It supports children in developing self-confidence and patience as well as sharing, turn taking, listening, following instructions and problem solving. By combining this intervention with Blank’s levels of questioning, it also provides opportunities for developing children’s language skills. The session typically involves three or four children working as a team to complete a lego model. Each child has a designated role within the sessions and is encouraged to stay within their role each week.

  • The engineer – uses plans to describe the construction needed and bricks required

  • Supplier – finds the correct bricks as described by the engineer and gives them to the builder

  • Builder – uses the verbal instruction given by the engineer to put the bricks together to build part of the model

Over a series of weeks, the model is completed and all of the children will have had an opportunity to act in all of the roles at least once.

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