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Pupils at Hythe Bay Primary School in Hythe, Kent have commemorated the events of the past year by burying a time capsule at Barratt Homes’ Martello Lakes development. The objects, chosen by the children to represent the events and challenges of the past year, were buried on 12th July with representatives from both Barratt Kent and six students from the school present.

The objects included in the time capsule hope to encapsulate the local response to the unprecedented changes that have occurred, with the items ranging from posters about life during the pandemic, letters to the future, photographs of school displays including a giant rainbow, to a lateral flow test, mask and sanitiser. Some of the objects were created by the children in class, reflecting their daily life in 2021 seen through objects including rules to follow at school and examples of virtual sports events, with the capsule scheduled to be dug up in 2121 by a new generation of residents.

Carol Hughes, Deputy Headteacher of Hythe Bay Primary School, said: “It goes without saying that the past year has been like no other, but for future generations, we hope that our time capsule can offer a glimpse into the experiences our community shares today. We thank Barratt Kent for the opportunity to bury the items in order to share our children’s stories and experiences over the past year in Hythe at its Martello Lakes development.

“The students really enjoyed putting these items together and hopefully those who open the capsule will enjoy learning about our community and hearing the stories the students have shared.”

Natalie Perry, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt Kent, adds: “Time capsules are a very special way to connect our community with residents of the future. We are pleased to have the capsule buried at Martello Lakes and have enjoyed seeing the items included for the project. They offer a snapshot of the past year, and we hope that the residents in 2121 will enjoy connecting with our experiences as we have also done today.”

Barratt Kent is currently building its Martello Lakes development, with the latest phase of homes fully sold out.

For further details about Barratt Kent visit or call 0333 355 8498.


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